Book Review — The Art of Inlay by Larry Robinson

Art of Inlay by Larry Robinson

The Art of Inlay by Lar­ry Robin­son is a well illus­trat­ed instruc­tion guide in how to make beau­ti­ful gui­tar inlays. Robin­son knows of what he writes as he has done gui­tar inlays for such artists as Led Zep­pelin and U2 and many oth­ers. The book is beau­ti­ful­ly set up with over 100 full col­or pho­tographs […]

Mother of Pearl Inlay Technique, Part III

Epiphone Sheraton II with Mother of Pearl Custom Guitar Inlays

If you’re just now join­ing us, be sure and check out part I and part II of this 3‑part series on moth­er of pearl gui­tar inlays tech­niques by Gui­tar Inlays Head­quar­ters guest writer Sean Bar­ry. Part III–Routing and inlay­ing By now you should be fin­ished cut­ting your cho­sen pearl pat­tern, and you are prob­a­bly tired […]

Mother of Pearl Inlay Technique, Part II

Epiphone Sheraton II with Mother of Pearl Custom Guitar Inlays

II. Inlay Pat­terns, Lay­out, and Pearl Cut­ting When last we met I spoke of tools and mate­ri­als (in Part I of this series), and I left you star­ing at an array of scribes, jew­el­er’s saws, thin blades, and noisy high speed drills. Now, you must choose an instru­ment or oth­er object to be inlaid, pur­chase […]

Mother of Pearl Inlay Technique, Part I

Epiphone Sheraton II with Mother of Pearl Custom Guitar Inlays

This arti­cle is a 3‑part mon­ster from my friend Sean Bar­ry down in Davis, CA. It is bar-none the best arti­cle on pearl inlay on the Inter­net, in my hum­ble opin­ion. When I was writ­ing my own MOP arti­cle for Gui­tar Inlays Head­quar­ters and research­ing the sub­ject, I found Sean’s old arti­cle and asked him […]

DIY Custom Guitar Inlays — Fret Position Markers That Save You Time and $$$

Fret Markers

Project Gui­tar First let me say thanks to Bri­an John­son from Project Gui­tar for the inspi­ra­tion for this post — this is not an orig­i­nal Gui­tar Inlays Head­quar­ters idea. In fact as I was snoop­ing around the Inter­net look­ing for some new ideas and inter­est­ing things to write about, I found a bunch of great […]

DIY Block Inlays Video

More Video Tips! Anoth­er tip on installing gui­tar inlays: Here’s a quick two part video on how to install block MOP inlay on a fret­board, from the very cool peo­ple at Goes through mark­ing and cut­ting a block inlay, sand­ing it, tips on how to mark up and tape off a fret­board for rout­ing, […]

Simple Techniques for Custom Guitar Inlays Using the Larry Robinson Method

Here are some tips for begin­ners on mak­ing cus­tom gui­tar inlays using the Lar­ry Robin­son method. This video includes tips on design­ing the inlay, trac­ing pat­terns, how to route pat­terns on both dark and light col­ored woods, where to find and how to use tem­plates, tips on out­sourc­ing CNC, and much more.. This is a […]