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Anoth­er tip on installing gui­tar inlays: Here’s a quick two part video on how to install block MOP inlay on a fret­board, from the very cool peo­ple at Goes through mark­ing and cut­ting a block inlay, sand­ing it, tips on how to mark up and tape off a fret­board for rout­ing, using a chis­el to clean up the cor­ners, tips on rout­ing depth, and more…

Guitar Inlays — Block Inlays Pt.1


Guitar Inlays — Block Inlays Pt.2



Here are some tips for begin­ners on mak­ing cus­tom gui­tar inlays using the Lar­ry Robin­son method. This video includes tips on design­ing the inlay, trac­ing pat­terns, how to route pat­terns on both dark and light col­ored woods, where to find and how to use tem­plates, tips on out­sourc­ing CNC, and much more.. This is a great lit­tle 10 minute video packed with information.